Parimatch India: Universal Sports Betting Service with Robust Benefits and Rich Welcoming Bonuses

If you are a dedicated sports fan that can handle online betting, then Parimatch India is the website number one for you to attend. Anything others have to offer, from classic football betting to progressive Esports programs, is available within a single service — and produced with great care. Let’s take a look at the benefits the site has that the others don’t — as well as the numerous bonuses it provides to the customers.

Updated Parimatch review in 2022: everything you need to know before starting out

Since the service keeps on growing, and the Indian segment is developing rapidly, an all-new Parimatch review is required to take a look at the updates. Let’s check on the most important factors:

  • login, registration and help accessibility
  • current gen application quality
  • depositing & withdrawing terms and options
  • updates in bonus system
  • updates in betting opportunities.

Note that an online casino service is also available to anyone who completes sign up to Parimatch, with no extra verification required. It can provide a nice distraction from bet sports grounds, with many classic games such as roulette and a colorful slot collection.

Parimatch login and registration

Setting up a new account and proceeding with Parimatch login only requires a phone number and a correct email. The sign-in process is completely free and doesn’t require you to attach any payment methods right away, but you have to accept the rules of service to proceed.

Once you’ve done, make sure to check your personal data — it needs to be verified for you to receive your cash prizes. After that, you will be able to login to the betting interface with three different options:

  • Main site login form. To get to the welcome screen, simply enter your phone number and then approve the session by sending the unique message code back to the site.
  • Android Pay application. If you haven’t done it already, use Android Pay downloader to get and install the official APK for your smartphone. Note that alternative methods like ApkPure or Google Play currently do not work; and if you get the installer for the application on non-authorized platforms, it may not be safe due to fake copies of the mobile app being non-legally distributed.
  • Apple Store. This is the only way to get the official app for iOS. The app is thoroughly checked and automatically updated; once you don’t need it anymore, you can delete it through the shop interface.

Immediately after registration you can process to the betting section of the site, or use a mobile application for convenient participation.

Getting the official Parimatch Customer Care number

If you are having any trouble with the site or paid services, address Parimatch customer care number at once to get your solution on the go. Current phone number for Parimatch India is +38 093 396 84 94. You can get technical support, launch check on your last operations, learn the status of your transactions and solve any customer-specific problem you couldn’t deal with on your own.

Note that for other locations the hotline number for Pari Match will be different. If you are not using the website version for India, or if you have additional accounts in other countries, you will have to contact the international helpline.

Parimatch live money making

Earning money on Parimatch live is simple, and the betting service is not the only source of your possible income. The all-new affiliate program will help you become the brand ambassador, and bring even more people to enjoy well-structured online bets. There are currently three branches that support direct partnership.

Branch Perspectives Recommended Promos Minimum payout Required investment
Regular sports One of the most traditional branches; promos can be seen on matches, sports clubs, etc. Banners, web commercials and references, merchandise and sports uniform design $100 0 —all the equipment is provided for free
Esports + fantasy sports The branch is growing in popularity fast; great for gaming video bloggers and live gaming matches. Game clubs and internet cafes also boast quick results. Banners on live gaming contests and in gaming clubs, web ads integrated in content $100 0 —all the equipment is provided for free
Online casino Perfect niche for web blogs and video creators; expect high returns even if you are not focused on the gambling content Online promotions, virtual banners and integrated ads, visual ads with the site logo $100 0 —all the equipment is provided for free

The company pays its affiliates once a month, regardless of the numbers attracted. As long as you reach $100, you can withdraw money regularly, using your preferred method.

Parimatch license status in 2022

Because the service has always been about quality and safety, the Parimatch license in 2022 is perfectly up to date, and the site doesn’t have any legal conflicts with Indian authorities behind its back. While the CEO for the Indian department currently resides in India, the main headquarters are in Curacao, Cyprus. This country provides the best conditions in the world for the betting business, as well as leaves out opportunities for fraud.

PmSport N. V. is listed as the owner and main operator of all Pari Match services. The registration number for legal checks is 146906. License number 1668/JAZ regulates the behavior of the site and the official Parimatch app.

Downloadable Parimatch app: best tool for Android and iOS bets

You can get any version of the Parimatch app, as they both provide the same functions regardless of the type of mobile OS. The accounts are shared with the main site, so you’ll only need to sign in to process with eSport Betting, check on your favorite IPL team’s situation, or even launch a withdrawal. The only small drawback is that no PC application is offered for Parimatch India in 2022. This won’t affect many customers though, as the latest reviews show the gradual decline in interest towards installable apps that copy their interface from the official betting and gambling websites. The site provides quick load and response time, and has access to all the current news on the go, so it is the best PC solution anyway.

How to proceed with Parimatch app download

It is strongly advised to only use legit paths for Parimatch app download and installment. Search for Pari Match in the respected application shops, which are Android Pay for Android-based gadgets and App Store for iPhone. Parimatch India app is the same as the international version, so you won’t miss it.

You can also use the application magnet link from the official website. Note that no matter what path you choose, you should never pay for the official app, or enter you bank card code before setting up an account. Not sure whether your download is legit? Contact customer support or request mod help for a double-check.

Parimatch India withdrawal terms and options

For a Parimatch India withdrawal, 1000 INR is an established minimum. Once you’ve accumulated the exact sum on your account, you can proceed with a cashout. Here is what you need to know about the withdrawals:

  • Comparing to Betcity and the alternatives, Parimatch India is the absolute leader in the number of cashout options available. There is little reason to list it all, as the list would be just too big. If you think of a payment method, it is probably there — check it for yourself!
  • As of 2022, the site fully supports legit cryptocurrency. Bitcoins can be withdrawn with the main service, just like regular cash. The minimum transaction size stays the same. Currency is converted automatically.
  • The limit for weekly payouts is large enough that the player never feels tied up. At the same time, certain payment methods feature their own limits.

To make Parimatch withdrawal an easier process, make sure to upload personal information necessary for your preferred payout type beforehand. This way, you won’t have to wait for check completion, and will get your first paycheck as fast as you get your initial wins worth at least 1000 INR.

Parimatch bonus offers in 2022: how to gain even more from your winnings

Experienced customers know that Parimatch bonus can provide a huge boost to your winning strike. The best offer available to Parimatch India users in 2022 is, without a doubt, the welcoming bonus. It is the unique offer that Is granted to all new users on special conditions.

Min investment (first deposit) 300 INR
Max bonus amount 15,000 INR
Reward multiplier (fixed) X3
Wager multiplier 10 times, classic sport bets exclusively
Extra wager conditions Parlay betting is exclusively permitted, minimal odds are 2.0
Time to reclaim Week after first login
Time to wager Week after playing through

The first of the betting tips you should be using on the website is to go for the starting offer, even if other bonus programs are currently available. You can always return to universally-accessible bonuses later, and the welcoming (or hai) promo is a one-time opportunity that is perfect for betting on the biggest games.

Parimatch deposit rules and conditions

You can proceed with a Parimatch deposit as soon as your account verification is complete. If you are using a method that requires additional verification, you may also use it for withdrawals in the future, with no additional background checks. There are no minimums for deposits, but certain payment methods may require fees; make sure that your payment is enough that the fee doesn’t cut out too much of it. Note that to apply for the starter Parimatch bonus, you’ll have to deposit at least 300 INR with your first transaction. For cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and others current exchange rates are applied.

Parimatch Sports Betting opportunities online

There is no equivalent online to Parimatch Sports Betting. When it comes to options and customizable bet conditions, this service provides all the variety you could possibly need. With Asian-style bets and parlay available, you won’t ever find yourself short on what to bet on, or what stake to make. The game doesn’t end with the sports season, as there are always eSports challenges and matches to look out for.

If variety becomes overwhelming, check out the site’s official blog for starting-out and expert level Parimatch tips: they’ve got everything for building up a successful strategy from scratch. The section is updated regularly, but if you feel the theory is not enough, make sure to watch dubbed news videos or read related articles on other sources to stay in touch. For sports like football and boxing matches studying is the key to success.

Cricket bets: live events and big-league betting

With millions of fans, numerous dedicated clubs, strong national teams and even movies, cricket is easily one of the most famous sports in India. If you are willing to predict the results of the competition and get rewarded for your insight, make sure to check the time frames for the most important events, as they tend to generate the hugest winnings.

Note that the service supplies special coupons and provides other benefits for the cricket bets when the season is in heat. To be eligible for personified offers, make sure to log in at least once during the big games.

Ultimate boxing betting strategies and parlays

If you are looking for a way to multiply your bet, there is no better sector than professional boxing. Parlays are available on the site by default. To trigger the option, you only need to select several matches and click on the correct option in your menu.

Accumulating wins this way can skyrocket your rewards. The payback is that this technique basically doubles your risk even if you are sure of the outcome, and makes the risk enormous if you just pick your first bet by association. The site also offers nice conditions for traditional boxing betting, so if you are new to bets, try them out first.

Football bet options and tactics

Betters all over the world love football, because compared to many other sports competitions, football matches are fairly predictable. To understand whether your favorite team has chances in the league, you don’t need to study its history or watch a long educational movie on football strategy. Simply compare the last results and check on the other teams’ league history in numbers.

The only thing to look out for is the «crazy factor». If the factor is purely physical, then the bet options available on the site will immediately mirror that. If the leading players or strong defense players were not hurt, but you still consider they might drop the game, the bet offers won’t reflect that, and you’ll have a chance for a huge win.

Introducing eSports: benefits of virtual competition

The service goes in time with world tendencies, adding eSports events to the betting pool. All the big Fortnite, Counter-Strike and royal battle tournaments are added to the roster in a timely manner. If you are already proficient in the competitive scene for a certain video game, don’t miss the opportunity to use the knowledge to your advantage. As for now, the stake conditions make for crazy profits: since the experts mostly use strict win-loss data, enthusiasts can spot easy wins and vote with their own cash for the wildcards, multiplying the reward.

If you are just starting out with competitive gaming, make sure to check out the following options. These games require not only individual skills, but also well-coordinated teamwork. It is relatively easy to study each prominent team’s playstyle, find its strengths and weaknesses.

Dota2 bet scene

With huge events like Intel World Open, and Dota2 Pro Circuit, you’ll never find yourself in shortage of betting opportunities. One of the most interesting segments is always the newbie section, although the finale is still where the big money flows.

Among the battle arena games, Dota 2 continues to capture players’ interests, as its maps provide numerous tactical opportunities. For advanced betting, learn how your favorite teams act in different surroundings, and try to understand which skills will grant them an easy win against opponents with certain weaknesses.

Lol betting online

League of Legends, or LoL, is one of the most prominent MOBA video games out there. As for now, you can bet on its biggest events and tournaments just as easy as on the football or cricket matches outcome.

Note that with League it’s not always about the big matches and sponsors. Smaller competitions and local tournaments can be added to the betting section if big-name teams are invited to participate. This makes the betting scene even more exciting, as there’s always room for possibility.


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