Parimatch boxing live betting odds in 2022

Parimatch boxing quickly grows to become one of the sports that you are likely to watch at home tonight, with fanbase multiplying by crazy numbers with every big seasonal event. This peak of interest creates perfect betting opportunities, as more people are now engaged in boxing bets than ever.

Parimatch presents perfect conditions for boxing bettors from all across the world. It doesn’t matter if you are in Delhi, India or in Las Vegas, USA: modern technologies make placing your bet about as easy as simply reaching for the smart phone in your pocket.

Parimatch boxing betting opportunities

With Parimatch boxing betting services you will never have a problem with landing your perfect bet.

For all the passionate boxing fans out there, the official service presents three easy categories for bet placing:

  • If you are sure who the winner will be, simply pick up your side and benefit from the generated odds multiplier. This is the perfect option both for newcomers and established boxing specialists, as it combines passion with sports knowledge and ability to analyze. Bets on draws are also accepted, though these outcomes are rare compared to classic wins.
  • Match length. If you understand how boxing matches work, you can try to predict for how long the competition will last. This bet is risky, but it’s also rewarding.
  • Winning conditions. In professional boxing, there are only so many situations that can occur on the ring. The boxer can win due to points count, or grab the victory before the estimated numbers of rounds is complete. The last case is fairly common; the reasoning might be knockout, competitor disqualification, trauma or the direct refusal to continue from the opponent. You don’t have to pick what it will be exactly — just choose a winning side, and then the general condition (points or something else). This is a great option to benefit from matches that come off as predictable.

The only thing you need to start placing boxing bets is an account in the system. Once you get the free user account, you can use it to access the platform from your personal computer, smartphone or any other device with an updated web browser.

Parimatch login and registration

This year Parimatch boxing betting site gives more options than ever, with its polished interface and pre-counted bet system. The moment you log in all the upcoming matches become available for competitive bets, with all the popular tournaments included.

To reach the boxing section:

  • Login with your phone number. Phone verification is required to protect your account and ensure that nobody can claim your winnings but you.
  • Go to the left panel to choose your preferred sports type. For boxing, it will be illustrated with a pictogram of a boxing glove.
  • Choose preferred match time. If you are looking for the matches that will occur soon, this is the easiest option as it filters out everything that is unnecessary.
  • Pick the exact match. From here, you can get a coupon tiled to your preferred betting style. It will be rewarded automatically when the match ends and the results become official.
  • If you want, you can move to the round section for more precise bets. Pick the exact round and time for your preferred boxer to win, and profit off heavily increased multipliers!

The site is the easiest way to keep track of all the recent big events. However if you need a smaller, pocket-sized interface, your best pick would be to install one of the Parimatch smartphone apps.

Parimatch boxing betting app available on all major platforms

Fully portable Parimatch boxing betting app is perfect for all your betting plans and needs.

It can do everything you would expect it to:

  • Access main account on the go
  • Place complex bets regardless of your physical location
  • Add and manage withdrawal methods
  • Manage account funds
  • Keep track of current matches and outcomes
  • Get notified about the bigger games approaching
  • Get live notifications about your winnings and more!

Because of how Parimatch works, you are not limited to the single sports type or current league. The single application contains access to all the prominent bets, including virtual tournaments, so if the season is on the slow side, it is easy to go for something different.

The number of mobile user base is growing fast, but does the app hold up against the main site? Let us check and see.

Platform Browser Downloadable Application

User Interface

Professional and informative, with every bit of info you could possibly need for analyzing the field

Easy to grasp and intuitive, yet complex and robust for people who take betting seriously

Boxing bet types

Classic lines, longevity, winning conditions and round bets

The types are the same as on the main site

Customer rewards

Regular bonus programs and special conditions achievements that help greatly with growing your winnings and betting with more freedom

All the main rewards are available from the phone, so you don’t have to boot up your personal computer just to grab a missable prize anymore.


Accessible from personal computers and smaller devices with browsers, although the mobile version is a bit slow and clunky when compared to the regular version of the site.

Official App Store download is available, along with an installable Android APK. The apps are mobile-only and represent the ultimate way to bet on boxing from your phone.

As you can see, the main difference between the platforms lies in the method you use to get to the main interface. It is a matter of preferences, as Parimatch presents unprecedented levels of quality and security, no matter which option you choose.

Parimatch boxing tips betting for the most profit

Even though sport bets are always risky, with Parimatch boxing tips betting becomes a much more predictable process. If you are simply putting money into sportsmen that get you most excited, your win or loss will mostly be entirely up to chance. But if you use polished strategies and tips before placing real money in sports bets, the results of your predictions will either bring you more cash than you would get otherwise or leave you with lesser damage because of the so-called safety cushion bets.

To get the most out of your bets, you still have to know all the top competitors inside out. But there are also certain vital methods that everybody needs to learn to improve their performance. Below you will find these essential strategies, fully explained.

Betting type Main strategy Outcome Potential risks and disadvantages Benefits

Money lines

Strict bet on the results, with no handicaps or additional conditions.

The competitors are viewed as the favorite and the underdog. The more the audience is sure that the favorite has better winning odds, the larger is the negative number for their line. The negative number represents the amount of money one should bet to win at least any cash amount from choosing them.

Successful favorite bet: return the initial sum + get the pre-set reward.

Successful underdog bet: your winnings are multiplied, according to the amount you get for betting a fixed sum (stated in line conditions) a certain number of times.

If your chosen competitor loses, the bet is gone completely.

Even when it seems that the match result can be predicted, things can change dramatically on spot.

The customer doesn’t have any leverage to change the betting conditions. The bookmaker always has the final words on the client’s betting opportunities.

Easy to understand and follow even for beginner sports fans. As long as you understand the math, you are in full control of your bets.

If you work with larger sums, then strict lines is a somewhat safe way to slowly increase your funding.

Underdog wins are extremely profitable for everyone who put their faith in them. This is the very essence of the excitement of live match betting that is represented in media.

If you are placing bets from an online service like Parimatch, you might be able to make your decision after the first round, when the situation becomes clearer.


Instead of choosing a favorite for the match, the participant makes a daring bet on the very time the match will continue.

The first type is the «over» bet, where the participant has to pick the absolute minimum of time the match will go on for.

The second type is the «under» bet that shares similar spirit, although this time the participant decides on the maximum match time.

Regardless of the direction the participant picks, they get the set reward fair and square.

Depending on the platform, additional multipliers — both positive and negative — might be applied to reflect the probability of a certain prediction.

Not all the betting sites have legit instruments for this unusual form of betting.

Unlike with other sports, where over-under bets take place around the initial score, boxing fans must deal with the complex matter of time prediction, and that can be challenging even for the top experts.

Not the best for bettors who prefer competitive play, as the variety is severely limited.

This is not a good option for beginners, as it provides more chances to lose money than the regular «win-or-lose» bet where you have to pick your champion.

Certain people get extremely good in predicting the length of matches after watching lots of them. These people get initial benefit out of their observance skills.

If you are a big fan of regional boxing tournaments, it is fairly easy to profit off domestic USA or Philippines matches.

To make the things more exciting, you are allowed to bet not only on the match duration, but also on how long every round will last.


One-shot bet that takes profit high way up. Instead of just placing your money on the champion, you are betting on the possibility of a total knockout. Obviously, you also have to choose who gets the short end of the stick, so the classic lines betting element is still involved.

The odds work mostly the same as with regular lines, except for the multipliers that naturally apply because of the higher risk of betting on a very specific outcome.

Not all website allow this type of betting.

For newcomers the bet adds a needless element of risk to a trusted formula.

You are more likely to lose statistically even if you studied the opponents well.

Correct predictions make for more profitable favorite bets.

For dedicated sport fans betting on a knockout is not as random as it seems. It comes to studying boxing styles of each opponent, with certain sportsmen having more knockout tendencies than others.

Underdog bets skyrocket if the boxer that was considered worse knockouts their opponent.

Boxing has always been on the exciting side of sports eligible for online bets. To get direct tips tailored to the current tournaments and big meet-ups, join a boxing forum or check Pari Match main site every day for newest updates.


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