Parimatch esports

Parimatch esports is very popular in India. There are thousands of fans who follow the start of tournaments and news. Its number is always increasing and it’s reasonable to make the gaming process more interesting while betting to some teams. Parimatch offers one of the highest scores that’s why gamblers prefer this platform to play online and earn money. The company has many esports for betting. There are the biggest tournament and some regional ones in different Nations..

Parimatch esports Betting Site

According to reviews, Parimatch e sports betting site is on the list of trustworthy organizations. It is a member of the International Bookmakers Association. Parimatch works legally in India and strictly follows Indian law. The company has many awards and players can see the data online.

It has a user-friendly interface and gamblers can understand how to make a stake easily.

The following data is on the main page of the official website:

  • sports for betting with the national league and international Cup;
  • the most interesting sports events with high odds;
  • promo;
  • instant games;
  • data about the license;
  • list of financial partners;
  • link to the mobile app.

A gamer can play via the official website or download apk for betting in any place. The features are the same as the website but the interface is adopted to any mobile device.

Gamers over 18 can pass the registration to play online for earnings. They can also play any free game in a live casino without account creation. The whole menu bar is available after clicking on the logo in the top right corner.

The following esports are available today:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO);
  • Dota 2;
  • League of Legends или LOL;
  • Valorant;
  • Rainbow Six;
  • Overwatch;
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG);
  • Starcraft 2.

Everybody becomes the owner of a team to participate in the tournaments. Gamers just need a professional mouse, headphones, and keyboard. Sure, it’s necessary to have a powerful PC. Then people should start training to improve their skills. There is a complex of actions that are used to train on the battleground or in the arena. In this case, a player will take part in a tournament for entertainment and could become the best to get salar (award).

esport Betting Tips

Here you will find several esport betting tips for different games that are used to play in global tournaments.

CSGO betting tips

1. It is recommended to place bets on the line. These are the most common single bets that do not involve additional risks. In this case, the coefficient is minimal, but it’s better than losing everything in pursuit of big money. An event won’t give you a lot of money but starting with it can decrease the risk. As a result, you may be a nova star of gambling in the future.

2. If clearly strong and weak teams are playing, then you can use a handicap.

3. Don’t bet carelessly. Focus on the expert’s tips. These are on a popular channel, thematic club website, and so on. The name of the expert and his face should be well known to trust him. Pay attention to the possibility of using one or another skin, as well as mods.

4. Try different betting strategies.

5. Esports and the digital market in total have many nuances and bookmakers can make mistakes. The odds of giving the wrong prediction is higher than in cricket or other traditional games. Make your own analysis to find the favorite. The Olympic and other great tournaments have more detailed predictions and players can follow bookmakers’ tips.

6. Study the rules of the tournament carefully.

Dota 2 betting tips

1. It is necessary to understand this game about the salary for betting. This is especially true for live betting. So, try to play first.

2. Some teams have several squads whose capabilities differ, so it is necessary to study the names of players according to the protocol.

3. Olympics and other big tournaments are better for betting because there is almost no chance of match-fixing here. Moreover, such famous matches are better described by experts.

4. It is required to study the teams’ features to know what tactics will be used in a particular case. Statistics will become a direct source of information to find the favorite.

League of legends betting tips

1. Try to focus on gamblers from India and China, because everything new, as a rule, comes from them.

2. It is recommended to play on your own to understand the game better.

3. Studying statistics will always give an advantage. There is a myth that all depends on the occasion.

4. The team's starting line-up depends on the result because everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. The data is always on sites of companies that take the current tournament.

Betters should know the game they are focused on. According to the quiz, the valorant villager can be stronger than a real warrior in some cases. Moreover, people can redeem some characters to improve their chances.

Parimatch esports Betting Odds

The size of scores can help to estimate Parimatch e sports Betting odds. It’s a great advantage that there are no supplements that can affect the skills and the drugs won’t affect the player’s career. They can start as a loner or as a player of an academy. There are teams from Миллат, Jersey, Pubg, and other cities. Sometimes new teams and players decide that it’s time for beginning their career. Bookmakers have to follow every player to make a prediction. Specialists study them and focus on their achievements at the end of a year. The template below will let to find the favorite.

Team A Data Event Team B







If a team has a significantly higher score, its odds are high. When the odds are probably the same for both teams, the bookmaker Parimatch offers high odds for both of them. Customers really want to join such events because they can win a lot of money on a poor bet. For example, the client receives 350 rupees in case of victory while betting 100 rupees at a coefficient of 3.50. All money is paid in 5 minutes after the match.

Betting Predictions

There is no need to believe in the sky because customers can calculate and find the favorite by themselves. They can likely find the mistake of a bookmaker and make a bet to the maximum meaning. If the outsider wins the person loots a lot of money. In some cases, gamblers can even purchase a car, new chair, some trivia, or invest in commerce.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a very popular online game and many people belong to fun clubs. Players can write a letter to the maker of the game to offer some improvements and specialists will consider it. The text can have any font.

  • Newcomers of the game should know the game slang to bet successfully.
  • Kerry (the main characters of the team) develop slowly, but are very strong;
  • Supports are designed to help Kerry in pumping and protect him;
  • Foresters are needed to farm resources in forests;
  • Tanks absorb the damage;
  • Escapers move quickly around the map, initiators start a fight and work over a large area;
  • Pushers fight with enemy creeps and defensive structures.

Use different forums to find the expert’s opinion about the match in the future. It’s better to log in to the cabinet to find the hidden code and comments. Some players can lol the prediction and offer their own opinion.

League of Legends

League of Legends is another cult game with many fans and betters can make a prediction while focusing on the following:

  1. Read the rules of the tournament to know the restrictions. Any rock, sleeves, shroud, orange can be forbidden.
  2. Study statistics.
  3. Read the data about the participants.
  4. Information has its price and some special sources are ready to sell the insider information for some money. Don’t ignore the chance but cooperate with a trustworthy insider only.

Parimatch is a trustworthy company. The certificate number is on the site and gamblers can check it. Try to use the specialist’s prediction about the most significant matches.

Counter Strike

The site has Counter Strike betting predictions from the master or expert of the game.

This information takes into account the following:

  • team game features;
  • statistics of previous games;
  • statistics of the results of meetings with the opposing team;
  • the current form and so on.

The articles on the Parimatch website describe the most interesting and vivid matches that will take place in the near future.

Parimatch Bonuses For eSports

The company offers many gifts for customers and they may use it for betting. People over 18 can loot them after registration. They can create an account on the website or via the mobile app.

The data about gifts is written in the promo section, gamblers can grab the following:

  1. Greeting bonus for newcomers.
  2. First deposit bonus that lets to loot up to 12,000 rupees.
  3. Promo codes. They are online on special platforms. They are valid for some time and customers should activate them before the deadline to grab funds or free bets.
  4. Weekly cashback.
  5. Special offers for active gamblers.
  6. Terminal promotions.

Even the richest gamer uses the features to play online longer. It’s necessary to read the rules of regaining to know whether it is possible to bet on esports. In some cases, Parimatch bonuses for esports can also be used in spinbot.

How to Withdraw Bonuses

According to the rules, gamblers can’t payout gifts immediately. They have to regain the funds in the online casino while betting for sports. The demand for betting on sports is a score over 2.50 and the requirement is easy to satisfy with esports because the risk is rather high here. That’s why the bookmaker can offer scores up to 10.0.

Mobile App Betting

Parimatch offers mobile app betting and it is a very popular way of gambling. According to the statistics, over 65% of customers use their mobile devices for betting.

There are several reasons for it:

  • a user friendly interface;
  • mobile notifications will inform about the bet results;
  • customers get notifications about new tournaments and promotions;
  • feature to bet at any place.

These are mobile soft demands.

Android iOS

APK version



APK filesize

3.44 Mb

3.44 Mb

Parimatch app size

21.16 Mb

100 Mb

Cost of loading



Operating system

Android 5.0 or higher

iOS 8 or higher


1 Gb

1 Gb


1,2 GHz

1,2 GHz

Access for betting and live broadcasts

After registration

After registration

It’s necessary to enter the account to start betting. In this case, the bookmaker offers to deposit and withdraw money via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other mobile financial systems. The information about the commission fee is online.

Parimatch e sports Rules

Every customer must know e sports rules to calculate odds. Every tournament has own rules and they are written on the site of the current championship. That's why it’s better to read the data attentively.

These are basic tips for people who are focused on esports:

  • cases that can lead to fire of a team;
  • features to change players;
  • allowed patches, skins, mouse, keyboard, and other tools and soft;
  • feature to play online or demand to be together with other participants.

It’s also necessary to study the tactics of the current player (team) to estimate odds.

Bet Types On eSports

The company offers several bet types on esports:

  1. A person needs to guess the winner.
  2. It demands to choose several teams and predict winners.
  3. It’s the express bet but a person has a chance to make a mistake. The more odds to mistakes the less risk and less score.
  4. Parlay+. That is a special bets with increased odds.
  5. People can bet during the match that is broadcasting online.

There are long-term bets too. Customers should predict the winner of the tournament before it starts. In this case, the score can be up to 100.00.

Parimatch is an international organization that has many gambling experts. They follow teams and tournaments in many Nations that let to give objective tips before the match. The list of esports events is always increasing. There are more events than most competitors have, that's why Indians prefer the platform for betting. Moreover, the company offers many financial partners and amazing conditions for depositing and withdrawing money.