Parimatch Live betting service for sports fans in India

If you are looking for a smart way to bet on sports, Parimatch Live is the best option you can find online. With everything from football and volleyball to racing, e-sports and fantasy matches, this service provides all the tools one could possibly need for making well-informed, profound bets.

Whether you are in for pure fun or to test your prediction skills, do not miss on the unique offers. The site has much more to give than just the spreadsheet of current matches, so use this for your own gain as you proceed with registration and attach personal information to your account. And don’t forget that for betting safe you should always stick to a trustable online bookmaker!

Parimatch live betting VS bookmaker bets: what’s the difference

On the surface, Parimatch live betting is not different from visiting a traditional bookmaker. The bet types are all the same, and the offers are not that much different either.

The change is seen in how all these little things work together:

  • Unlike the bookmaker office, the website is up 24/7, with no holidays or weekends. Full interface is accessible at any moment.
  • The overall number of options will inevitably be larger. Along with that big baseball match you will be able to bet on a badminton finale in a faraway country, or predict the winner for the current big CS event.
  • Betting lines results are updated much faster, so you don’t have to wait. Immediately after the match is set, you can claim your winnings and request a cashout.
  • There are much more withdrawal options, so you are not limited to 1-3 methods, and don’t risk being robbed if the bookmaker only pays rewards in hard cash.
  • No psychological pressure is applied. With bookmakers it’s easy to find yourself in a situation when you cannot claim your rightful win for whatever reason; and then the bookmaker presses you to continue betting. When you go online, cashouts are launched automatically. Verify your payment method once, and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Once you get acquainted with Pari Match, you will be able to place more informed bets that have higher chances to succeed. With no external factors to distract, you are less likely to make poor stress-produced decisions.

Professional live betting cricket: domestic and international competitions

Not to be confused with croquet, which is extremely similar to classic hill golf, cricket is a fierce, competitive sport — so there’s little wonder live betting cricket gains traction so fasts. There are three types of competitive cricket tournaments, but it is the T20 games that made this sport popular among hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

For people that bet professionally domestic leagues are of the most interest. Check out the schedule for domestic leagues all over the world.

T20 League Country Time of the year

Super League (PSL)


Starts in February, goes till March

Premier League (IPL)


Starts in March, goes till May

Global T20


Starts in July, goes till August

Vitality Blast

England and Wales

Starts in July, goes till September

Premier League (CPL)


Starts in September, goes till October

Dream11 Super Smash

New Zealand

Starts in December, goes till February

KFC Big Bash (BBL)


Starts in December, goes till February

The highlight of the season is without a doubt the IPL league with its high stakes and top level cricket professionals. For Indian sports fans it is the best starting point in betting as well, as detailed information on every team’s performance and situation is available in real time during the biggest events. Any trauma and substitution, any uncanny arbitrage decisions are less likely to be missed, so you get more chances to make a well-informed bet.

Official live betting app: upgrade your mobile experience

If you think the website has everything you can possibly think of for a quick bet, wait till you see the main live betting app — right on your phone or other portable device! No longer will you have to search for a computer when a big game is on. Now you can control the situation while sitting in a sports bar with friends, visiting a local shop, watching football with family on TV or even enjoying the match directly from the arena!

Unprecedented mobility is the main difference the application has from the main site. Here is the quick overlook of all the vital options.

Version Browser (website) Mobile application

PC, Mac, Linux, any portable device with a fast browser that is capable to run heavy websites

iOS (official App Store installation)

Android (downloadable APK)


All-in-one with a massive table to check on every ongoing match; perfect for diving into your hobby

Simplified app design for quick and casual approach; easy to bet on the go.

Betting options

All the current big matches, NFL, international tennis league etc. + local betting, horse racing, chess tournaments and esport, including esoccer, Dota and CSGO.

Bet offers are exactly the same as on the main site, and get updated regularly.

Rewards program

Huge promos for starters can be accessed upon first registration. Loyalty is rewarded.

Basically the same as the big version, though the occasional promo numbers can be changed. Generally, if you have account advantages, you won’t lose them in a mobile app.

Customer support

Live chat is accessible 24/7, as long as the free hotline. The users can also send letters directly to the official help email address.

All the same support methods are available here, with the only difference of the experts specializing in mobile services and addressing common app performance issues on different platforms.

The system uses unified accounts. This means you won’t have to create a new user simply to place a bet on another device. Just continue from where you’ve stopped, and then put it on hold and go on from a larger version if that’s what you desire. Withdrawals can be requested just as easily, and you won’t have to verify an account for a second time.

Live betting rate changes in real time

In competitive games like cricket or soccer live betting rate of the bet is not determined purely automatically. Instead professionals make predictions that actually work as educated guesses, and afterwards precise betting software counts the profitable points for drawing the line between risk and potential gain.

On huge sports events such as NBA or The Super Bowl sports fans can expect many opportunities to profit off changing rates. If you have studied your background and know where to place your money, make sure not to throw it all into the first bucket you come across. It is extremely easy to do things better than your average hothead:

  1. Find a solid online betting system. The odds with physical bookmaker establishments are harder to compare in real time. Even if the rate is obviously off, dedicated betters will be less likely to notice it on the spot, since no direct competition is available.
  2. Check the site’s reputation. Parimatch is known for its open strategies and follow-through politics when it comes to dealing with results. You can go for any other established sport bet site with proper reputation as well. It’s just that in India Pari Match stays number one in terms of betting services, and other big hits like Coral are on the slower side when it comes to payouts.
  3. Check the immediate offers; if you have time and something may influence the rates in the preferred side, wait. Inplay bets can make a difference between a horrible and a highly successful day. With live streaming the match outcome becomes more predictable at certain points. In individual sports like boxing it is easier to keep track of each boxer’s performance and make informed predictions. In these cases it is the best to wait for the perfect opportunity, and then join in.
  4. Find the deal to back you up. Big bet sites like Parimatch offer numerous bets with fluctuating rates available for a single race. Whether you’re a baseball fan or an esports prodigy, use this opportunity to create a safe base for yourself.

When you are using rate difference to back yourself up, it is important to not strip yourself completely out of winnings. Make sure that in both the best and okay-ish scenarios you still win. If the score that is satisfactory for the first bet deems the second bet a loss that brings your earnings to zero, then you need to rebuild your strategy from the ground up.

Relax in the luxurious Parimatch live casino

Too much of the same thing can be awesome, until it becomes exhausting. If you are looking for high quality entertainment to fill the space between big matches, try spicing things up by attending Parimatch Live casino online. Here you can forget all about sport for a quick session with any of your favorites:

  • The classic game of chances, with options to pick between reliable European and profitable American playing styles.
  • Traditional poker. Only the players who are confident in their skills are advised to put bigger money on the table with this one. Make sure to refresh your memory of rules and advanced game techniques; otherwise, you’ll keep on losing even with a winning hand.
  • Easier rule set and faster sessions make it a perfect game to join if you are looking for a card battle, but don’t want the competition to rely on technique too much.
  • Slot machines. The virtual machines are just as good as the real deal; it’s even better than that as the new collection editions will often have rates set up to benefit the guest more than you’d usually expect from your average slot.

You can play most apps in demo mode for free to understand how they work and decide on spending actual cash on them. The other way to make your own opinion before placing money is to watch a stream, as Parimatch is always open to content creators.

Parimatch live results tracking and withdrawals

With Parimatch live results update you will never miss on a successful bet. Sportsbooks are updated in real time for your convenience, so you are likely to get to the point even faster than if you had just watched TV.

After bets are completed the prize money is transitioned to the account automatically. You do not have to follow any other procedures to get access to your rewards.

Pari Match offers many opportunities for quick, low commissioned withdrawals. To cash out, simply choose the method you have used for depositing — it is usually the fastest and most secure way to request a withdrawal. If you want to use other methods like new e-wallets, take your time to validate the payout option before proceeding. This will gradually minimize the transaction time.

Cashout section for Indian users gets updated regularly. Follow the official Telegram channel for the latest news on the hottest sportsbook and functionality updates along with vital tips for getting the most out of your game!